Courses that Dr. Garrow has recently taught

CEE 8813C - Advanced Statistical Programming

This graduate course covers fundamental and advanced programming concepts that are included in the SAS Certified Base Programmer and SAS Certified Advanced Programmer exams.  Topics include basic programming skills (importing/exporting data, creating and processing datasets, combining datasets, producing reports) and advanced programming skills (programming with SAS Macros and writing SQL codes).  Students will have the opportunity to become certified in Base and Advanced SAS Programming as part of the course.

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CEE 3000 - Civil Engineering Systems

This undergraduate course introduces students to a Sustainable Engineering (SE) approach for planning, design, implementation, operation and renewal of civil engineering systems.  The concept of sustainability is introduced as the operating paradigm for making decisions over the lifecycle of civil engineered facilities.  Sustainability is concerned with continued progress and development of human communities while ensuring preservation of the natural and human environment to enable such development to continue.  The systems approach is introduced as essential for SE, in how problems are defined, how analysis tools are used to evaluate the performance of facilities and services, how benefits, costs and risks are incorporated into decision-making, how the natural environment and social quality of life are considered; how facilities are operated and maintained after implementation, and renewed at the end of their useful lives.