Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport Tour

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Twenty Georgia Tech transportation stu­dents were given an exclusive look at one of the world’s largest airports. Seth Young, associate professor and director of the Center of Aviation at the Ohio State Uni­versity, arranged the tour of the Atlanta airport through a former student, Chaim Van Prooyen, an operations agent; and colleague Moniqua Williams, an aviation planner.

After listening to Young speak on the complexity of the nation’s current aviation system infrastructure, the group hopped on MARTA (of course) for the trip to the airport. Everyone had a great time, says third-year doctoral candidate Brittany Luken. “We really got an inside look at how airport operations work at one of the busiest airports in the world,” she says. “We are especially grateful that Chaim and Moniqua came in on their day off to show us around.”

Highlights of the tour included:

  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Station, including a water cannon demonstration
  • Radar Hill
  • The Terminal E Ramp Tower
  • Aircraft maintenance equipment, includ­ing snow removal equipment and friction testing vehicles
  • The “wrap around” taxiway that lets aircraft get from the outbound runway to the terminal without having to cross active runways

Donny Katz, a second-year doctoral candidate, was one of the students on the tour. “Getting to go behind the scenes at ATL was a great opportunity to see some of the aspects of air­port management that aren’t apparent to the casual traveler,” Katz says. “Even as a student in aviation, it was a chance to learn new infor­mation about airside and landside operations, and experience facets that I’ve only been able to read about before. Touring airports always gets me thrilled to be part of this industry."