Virginie Lurkin

[Co-Advised: Michel Bierlaire, EPFL Switzerand ]
(Ph.D. in Business Engineering, HEC Management School - University of Liège and M.S. in Business Engineering, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management)

Virginie is currently a post-doctoral researcher at EPFL in Switzerland under the guidance of Michel Bierlaire.  She graduated with her Ph.D. from the University of Liège of Belgium in 2016 where she was co-supervised by Michael Schyns and Laurie Garrow.  Her research interests are mainly concerned with the study of optimization problems in the field of air transportation and estimation of airline passenger demand.  In particular she has studied the problem of optimally loading a cargo aircraft serving multiple airports and developed airline itinerary choice models that account for price endogeneity.  Her work has been recognized by several Best Presentation Awards from AGIFORS.  She is currently working with Dr. Garrow on the estimation of itinerary choice models which account for price endogeneity.