Research Team

Alicia Chen

Degree Program: MSCRP (2024)

Alicia is interested in all things related to walkability and sustainability in the urban environment. Outside of school, you can catch her biking around town playing volleyball, practicing yoga, or climbing. If you really want to see her light up, start talking about Nigerian dwarf goats.

Anna Geoly

Degree Program: MSAE (2024)

Anna received a BS in mathematical physics from St. John’s University in New York where she was awarded the prestigious Presidential Scholarship which is the highest academic scholarship awarded to incoming students. Anna has a passion for animals and has adopted several stray cats and often volunteers at the Humane Society in her free time.

Richard Sarria

Degree Program: MSAE (2024)

Richard is interested in working in different areas related to airline operations. In his down time, Richard enjoys traveling, listening to music, and going to the beach.

Noah Schwab

Degree Program: MSAE (2024)

Noah is interested in the aerospace areas of vehicle design, performance, and operations. Additionally, he is an economics minor as well as a private pilot. In his free time, Noah enjoys playing piano and discovering new restaurants.

Jeff Newman

Research Engineer

Jeff works part-time as a research engineer in Dr. Garrow’s research group. Jeff is the developer of LARCH, a freeware program that can estimate multinomial, nested, and cross-nested logit models with semi-aggregate data.