Revenue Management for NDC

The airline industry is investing in new technologies such as New Distribution Capability (NDC) technologies that more easily display offers that are tailored to individual customer preferences. For example, it is currently difficult for customers to compare prices across different airlines for tickets that include one checked bag and an advance seat assignment. NDC technologies make this simpler.

NDC will allow airlines and travel agencies to present offers in new ways to customers and to create a more customized experience, which means designing new ways to show products to customers that will help them better plan not only the air portion of their trip, but their entire journey.

As part of the research portfolio of the ATL@GT Center that Dr. Garrow directs, we are developing a competitive RM simulator that can be used to test different RM strategies related to offer management, continuous pricing, ancillary pricing, and other areas. To that end, the competitive RM simulator is being designed with a highly flexible architecture that will enable students, researchers, and stakeholders to write customized code to test out their own ideas while interfacing with the core simulator.